Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Having a birthday this close to Christmas is absolutely horrible.  Even if people remember it, it's only for the fact that it's close to Christmas.  And since gifts will be coming in barely over a week afterward anyways, I'll get slim to nothing.  Not to mention that as a younger kid, having a birthday in the dead of winter with the biggest holiday of the year being a week away, it's hard as hell to populate a birthday party.

And this year, at least so far, I've gotten three things, and three things only, for finally becoming a consenting adult.  First, some guy I never met in TF2 sent me a Holy Mackerel, a completely useless item that is still going to be better than some of the stuff I'll get for Christmas.  Next up is a small bag of peanut butter truffles from Lindt that I'll be om-nomming on later tonight.  But the important gift is what comes next.

A webcam.  And not just any webcam, the Logitech HD Pro C910.  This thing can take 1920x1080 video and actually has two microphones to record stereo sound.  I haven't gotten to play with it too much yet, but I just tested it out with a friend on Skype and it works like a dream.  Which means I may be using it for YM:tG at some point in the future.  Not now, I can't put anything like that together during the holidays, especially on short notice.  Things are hectic enough as it is.  But I will definitely use this baby for more than just Skype.

Until next time, merry Christmas, and good luck with your topdecks!

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