Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WHE Games

I just wanted to take a moment to mention the folks at WHE Games, a card game startup I didn't know about either until a few days ago.  They showed up at the store I play my FNMs at to demo one of their upcoming products, Obsessions for Murder.  It was a great game, reportedly similar to Mafia although I haven't played it myself, and everyone involved had a good time.

The game was set up like a murder mystery, where everyone at the start is dealt three cards that represent things they're obsessed with, such as science, culture, literature, and one player is obsessed with murder.  The game goes on with players placing possessions in front of them that share their obsessions, trying to have three different items that have nothing in common so they can prove their not it, then players dish their remaining hand out in secret, building the other player's hands.  The murderer can pass around murder cards at this time, killing off whoever they think is coming close to accusing them.  The game goes on until either the murderer is accused or someone else is falsely accused, if the latter occurs then the murderer wins and gets away with it.

So anyways, if you see this game out sometime in the future, you should pick it up and try it out.  In my opinion the game looks like it's not good for small groups but I didn't get a chance to find out, I'd recommend that you have at least six people in the game.  That might be a deterrent for some, but frequent FNMers should have no trouble putting together a group of that size from other local players.  It's a blast, and it'd definitely be worth the cost.

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