Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spoiler Alert: Mirrodin Besieged Part 2

Looks like it's that time again, a whopping 29 new cards since my last spoiler alert.  So I'm gonna go ahead and do a quick rundown of what to look for in the new set.

Whoa baby.  Now that's what I'm talkin' about.  It's no Martial Coup, but it's decidedly the next best thing.  Granted, for most players, DoJ will still be the wrath effect of choice.  But Rebirth gives us some interesting options for the future.  I'd say once Jace leaves us, this wrath+1 will be played in most any control deck with white in it, so you might wanna get a few copies once they start chillin' at the dollar range.  For right now, it really depends more on your local meta than anything else, but for serious play, I doubt it'll see any action.

Translation?  He's an Oblivion Ring for Artifacts or Enchantments.  That comes with a 2/2 body.  Now, I know what you're thinking, sb card at best, but my interests aren't in his potential for counting as removal.  I'm thinking blink on a 2/2 body.  Not only will he be Venser's best buddy, but he'll be great for resetting cards like the new creature-equipment hybrids.  Or any artifact that has the ability to revive creatures when entering play.  In the end, this guy will have a whole lot of powerful options.  U/W Blinkfacts is looking to be a powerful deck in the coming months.

DAYUMM.  If this guy ever sticks, anyone with an aggro deck pretty much wins the game.  By herself, she's not anywhere near as gamebreaking as Baneslayer Angel or the titans, so I'm willing to bet on her not seeing much competitive play.  But it's a good idea to remember she could be in people's decks when playing at the prerelease, because if you let her surprise you then you're in serious trouble.

Hey look, blue has a mythic draw engine that lets you get hand+3 per two turns versus your opponent's one card per two turns.  Haven't I seen this before?  Oh yeah, this guy.

The difference?  Jace is actually only ONE total draw, not two.  And if your opponent has a Sphinx, using Jace's 0 ability causes your opponent to draw SIX CARDS.  FOR FREE.  Okay, this makes it official.  Screw you, WotC.  We were looking for a fix to the jacewar, and you gave us one... in the form of another Jace.


Alright, my rant aside, let's get back to the new cards.

Ooh.  Okay by itself, but great in a mirror match.  A great way to deal with an opponent's planeswalker in a deck without access to Hexmage as well.  Of all the things coming from this set, I didn't expect a blue Summoning Trap.  But then again, I didn't expect a JtMS+1 either.

Okay, we get it, blue is going to be the most broken color ever for a long time to come.  I guess I better just accept it before things get worse.

Translation: At the beginning of your upkeep, you may put a charge counter on target artifact.

Okay, that's not so broken.  I can deal with that... I think.  I mean, there's Everflowing Chalice and Eternity Vessel and the Trigons, and that's pretty much it so far, right?  No big deal.  It's not like they're reprinting Umezawa's Jitte.

Finally, a way for my Super Shock deck to deal with Bloodghasts without needing Brittle Effigies.  This card makes me feel all warm and tingly inside.  But I still can't forgive WotC.  They have really gone too far this time.

Wait... what?  Okay, I guess blue's not the only color gettin' a little lovin'.  I guess now it's time for me to work on some kind of obscure combo that involves at least one green creature.  I know it's there, just have to find it.

Alright, lemmie break this down for ya.  He's a 7/7 for 5, and he kills you in two swings no matter what.  And he deals damage in the form of -1/-1 counters, so regeneration and similar effects are completely irrelevant.  The only downside is that creatures actually have wither against him.  But who the hell cares?  He's a five-mana green creature (so turn three) that kills Titans in combat.  People up until now were questioning if infect would be prevalent in the upcoming set.  Well, it appears you've just gotten your answer.  Hell yes.

They might as well have called this card the embodiment of 4chan.  I mean come on, we all know the jokes that'll be told over and over again at the local FNM.  And you probably know who'll be telling them already too.  I know I do (me).

But seriously, this guy is pretty impressive.  It's just unfortunate that he exists at the same time that infect is gaining such strength.  An extra point of power and he'd be a really effective Jace killer in the last set, but now his value is diminished even if he was a 5/3, or a 5/4 even.  And I think you already know why...

*#$^ WIZARDS CAN $#&% A FORD PINTO WITH THEIR $(#* &#^$% AND LIKE IT!  Just... just wow.  I'm really not sure what to say about this, I think it speaks for itself.  Yet another blue planeswalker with a draw engine that puts your opponent on a turncount.  at least this one has a color requirement of... oh wait, this guy runs on artifacts.  the colors don't really matter much, as long as you have access to... blue.  God, I want to punch something right now.

RRRRAGGGGHHH!  Even chumpblocking will STILL give you ten poison counters instantly.  That's just... that's just ANOTHER ridiculously valuable mythic.  I can see both Summoning Trap, Grand Architect, etc etc decks that ramp into this guy and just win the game.  And it looks like Valakut has another trick up its sleeve as well.  VALAKUT.  The one thing I hate in this format more than Jace.  I have lost all respect for Maro, I'm sorry but it's true.

Oh thank the gods!  I mean, it's wicked easy to kill, but it can't be spell pierced like Needle can either, so thank the Gods!  I'm so sorry I ever doubted you Maro.  Now just give me a colorless answer to the colossus and I'll have my faith restored in... wait a second.  Brittle Effigy.

I love you, Maro!

Alright then, let's move on.

Wait... so, it's a colorless version of the blue leyline.  Big whoop.  Except, y'kno, he has flash himself, so after casting him at your opponent's end step you can follow up with yet another artifact.  Or flash him in at EOT to do surprise lethal damage to someone with the new Tezzeret.

Alright, those are what I thought I'd give a mention this time.  Come back soon!  Your mom sure did.

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