Monday, January 10, 2011

Tournament Report: Valakut Can Kiss My Moneymaker

This Saturday, the Game Castle held a Type 2 event, but it was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing, so not a lot of people heard about it, so only nine people showed up, which means only three rounds.  The day actually turned out to be pretty lolzy, and I saw the whole thing with my round one bye.

In this tournament, there was me with SuperShock, two Valakut players, one Boros player, one B/r Vamps player, one BUG control and three UW control.  So the first pairings were as follows:

BUG VS Valakut
UW VS Valakut
UW VS Boros
UW VS Vamps

The two Valakut players win their games and play each other in round two.  Everybody else ties.  Don't ask me how, but that's what happened.  1-1 draws on both of the other UW matches and they proceeded to turns.

So I play the Vamps player in the second round, and we both start off with a Blackleave cliffs and pass, so he's thinking he's playing the mirror.  I end up losing the first game off of casting a Dark Tutelage and hit another Finkel and two Staggershocks in a row, taking nine to the face.  He gets three Bloodghasts and two fetchlands, and because of that I end up taking lethal.  We go to the second game, and on the play I T1 Bloodchief Ascension.  It takes until the end of this game for him to figure out how my deck operates, but by then it was too late.  He managed to get two bloodghasts online this game as well, but when my quest triggers I take advantage of his own creature's abilities to win the game.  We go to game three and I T1 Guide, T2 Ascension, and that's pretty much game.  He got two highborns and a Bloodghast, but I got all three of the Brittle Effigies I put in, so it didn't matter at all.

It takes me a moment to realize that because of all the ties, I'm playing Valakut for first place no matter what.  And if you read my tournament report on the TCGPlayer qualifier, you'll know that I absolutely hate playing against Valakut.  The lack of player interaction just sickens me, and a threat that's practically impossible to deal with makes matters even worse.

So going into the first game, I'm already pretty much convinced I'm going to lose.  That's why I keep my five land hand, with nothing but a shock and DT.  He gets the play, drops an evolving wilds and passes.  I draw a Goblin Guide.  18.  He drops a battlement.  I draw a second Guide and drop him.  16, and I use my shock to kill his wall.  He does whatever next turn, I think it was either cultivate or double explore, I can't remember, but I draw, hit him to 12 and drop Finkel.  He doesn't have the titan if he could cast it, plays some more ramp and passes.  I beats him down to eight, then a Bolt and Staggershock means that I win the game, and without any cards to spare.  I was down to four lands in my hand.

We proceed to the second game.  He throws in three bolts, I throw in four Tunnel Ignuses.  He does get a bolt, but I get two Ignuses and a guide.  I win with one life.  I dominated Valakut 2-0 with some of the best topdecks I ever had, and looking back I guess it was payback for the nine life I lost from a single Finkel against Vampires.  I'm pretty sure it's the first matchwin I've gotten with that deck against Valakut.  Sure, I've gotten gamewins before, I get em all the time, but never the entire 2 out of 3.

I took nine packs of M11 and got pretty much nothing out of it, a Birds and a Baloth, but no mythics or foil rares from the entire pool.  No titans, no lands, no Planeswalkers, no nothing.  And the guy in third took home a foil babyjace from his three packs.  But what I got was the moral victory.  So all you Valakut players out there, you can kiss my moneymaker.

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