Saturday, July 16, 2011

So I Had a Fun Draft

This isn't a real article, I just had a blast down at my local release event and I thought I'd share my draft deck with you all.  Enjoy.

Let me start off by saying that this deck is horrible.  Really bad.  I made some poor draft choices and my gamble didn't pay off, but resulted in an amazingly fun deck.

2 Ponder
1 Azure Mage
2 Cancel
1 Ice Cage
1 AEther Adept
1 Mind Control

Typical blue drafting.  Didn't see any phantasmal bears, 5/5 dragons, or mana leaks in the entire pool.  I would have liked the mana leaks, but I'm fine with how this turned out.

1 Reassembling Skeleton
1 Onyx Mage
1 Doom Blade
1 Mind Rot
1 Consume Spirit
4 Brink of Disaster
1 Monomania

Now, initially, I intended to splash into black for the 1st pack 2nd pick Doom Blade.  I took the mage and the skeleton, then the mind rot in pack 2.  All four brinks, as well as a tabled consume spirit, came out of the third pack.

1 Crown of Empires

Awesome card in limited, made even better with Brink of Disaster at a playset.  Also great vs illusions and titans.

If you haven't noticed so far, aside from maybe Mind Control, my deck is completely devoid of win conditions.  Well, here they are, ladies and gents.

2 Jace's Erasure
3 Merfolk Mesmerist

That's right.  I went mill.  As it turns out, Jace's Erasure is amazing when you draft Azure Mage.  Was also nice to get extra triggers of Ponder, but I won a few games thanks to the blue wizard's secret tech.

So to some up the deck and my games, they pretty much all went like this.

1. Resolve mill card on T2.
2. Play a creature or some form of disruption
3. Win

I did lose the first round, unfortunately, due to a negate for my Erasure in game 2 and facing down double Goblin Fireslinger into double Chandra's Outrage for my double Merfolk Mesmerist.  Unfortunately, I drew the first one, but didn't get the second Rainbow All The Way Across The Sky.

Then I got a bye.  Then I won my next four games.  Not bad for a UB mill deck in limited with only five cards that actually cause mill.  I actually intended to go for the draft erasures and win strategy after halfway through the first pack, but for some reason I only saw one erasure in packs 2&3 combined.  Nobody else in my pod was picking them up, so I know it was just my unfortunate luck that they were really rare in the pool.  I did well regardless, so I'm happy with it.

So remember folks, draft blue and win.  Doesn't matter how bad the deck is.  Islands are the best cards to have in any limited environment.

iLands: There's a Draft For That.

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