Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Planeswalker Points

Wizards of the Coast announced today their new rating system to replace those old DCI numbers of ages past- Planeswalker Points. Basically, the big difference is that you can't lose PW points for losing games. This, along with a special tournament for players with the most points earned from FNM each season, will help to encourage more active play from professionals at local stores instead of just sitting back on rating.

PW points not only have an overall total, but three additional numbers that are kept track of from season to season. The first, Competetive, simply keeps track of all points earned in a season through competitive events. Professional points are still a part of the system and are earned from events beyond store level (things like GPs and Pro Tours and such). Lastly, there's the FNM number, which keeps track of points earned at FNM and only FNM. At the end of each FNM season, the top so many players of FNM across the globe will receive free plane tickets and an invitation to the 'FNM Championships'.

To see the original announcement, go here.

If you want to see how many points you have, go here.

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