Monday, April 2, 2012

Moving to The Boweh

Hello folks, it's been a while. After that states top 8 last October, I started playing/working for a different game, Shadow Era, and my activity here dropped off rather suddenly. My working with the Shadow Era devs has ended, meaning it's time to hone back in on Magic.

However, that's not all I do anymore. I've been writing plenty of articles for Shadow Era since I've been there. And if I'm making content for other games, I can hardly do that on a site called Yo Mama: The Gathering (which is an unfortunate name anyways). As such, I've started relocating to a new space here on blogger, and one with a much shorter url at that.

There, I'll be posting all the same content you've come to know from YMtG, as well as articles for other games such as Shadow Era. That's not all, though. I've also been doing some multimedia content, including streams, for other games such as Shadow Era and may be doing that for magic as well.

Just want Magic? No problem. I'll be tagging everything liberally, making it easy to filter out one game's content from the rest. So please, point your browsers to The Boweh, your new home for Yo Mama. Oddly enough, it's not based in Florida.

Boweh out.