Tuesday, September 6, 2011

HDC 003: Bombshell Babe

I haven't added to the HDC in a long time, so today I thought I'd take a look around that inbox and I found this email from Nick T:

Fastest Deck in Standard
The deck must be able to drop bombs on turn three or sooner.  Bomb being a plausible  win condition that cost five or more. Mana dorks/mana acceleration  should be the only none bomb cards. The core idea is to blast ahead faster then any other deck in the meta, by for example dropping a titan on turn three.  Green seems the optimal color but any color or combo is allowable. Just an idea, hope you try it out!
So basically, I need to construct a standard deck with mana dorks, ramp spells, fatties and nothing else. Oh boy, doesn't this sound like fun. Time to get my Timmy on.

My first thought is a way to abuse the qualifications I was given. Since, you know, this strategy has tried and failed again and again. Any powerful effect I can have that will make the deck more resilient.


Well... It's ramp. Kinda. Garruk lets a deck like this quickly recover from any kind of sweeper. Granted, Garruk, Primal Hunter may be good for that role as well if played conservatively, but he's actually not ramp or a bomb, unless you count his token generating ultimate, which I don't. Technically, he IS a plausible win condition that costs 5 or more, but if my ramp drops all cost 5+ then I want something at four mana to avoid getting clumped or being one mana behind winning the game.

Next up in the deck is decidedly the best possible choice for these restrictions- Lotus Cobra.


This card is a nice little cheat that lets me play whatever else I want. T1 forest, birds. T2 cobra, fetchland, infinite explores/fetches ending in another ramp spell. T3 whatever the hell I want. In this way, I don't have to worry about having that consistent dream hand or running crappy cards like Precursor Golem just so that I can meet the restrictions.

Now, the ramp package is rather simple to build so I want to move straight on to the bombs. You might expect my first thought to be Primeval Titan, but it wasn't. I want to focus on building for Avenger of Zendikar.

I look at this image and all I want to say is "umad bro?".

The Avenger not only compliments the ramp strategy and feeds off your otherwise dead draws, but he also is the only green dude right now that provides an instant army. Sure, there's other cards like Precursor Golem or Myr Battlesphere, but neither compares to the power of the Avenger in a ramp deck. He's insane with Garruk's overrun ability, instantly recovers you from a sweeper, and you should never lose a game when you get both the avenger and Primeval Titan.


The trap is an easy 4-of in a deck like this. And if I'm sacrificing the new Garruk to technicalities, then think of this psuedo-bomb as kharmic justice. There's nothing like trapping into a Prime Time before damage to make all your plant tokens deal lethal, and with the added bonus as a way to work around all those Mana Leaks and boarded Flashfreezes in standard at the moment. Plus, dropping the Avenger one turn early can make a huge difference.

That's one horny beast.

Terastodon is an obvious pick here, but not because of what you think. You may believe that I'll play it because he's the only removal allowed in the HDC request. Not true. Terastodon may blow up one enemy permanent such as Gideon or a Shrine of Burning Rage every now and then, but more often than not you'll use him like you use Avenger of Zendikar- an instant army. By ditching a leftover 0/1 plant or two and shaving off some useless lands, Terastodon will provide you with a whopping 18 power at your disposal. That's enough to make your opponent wish he didn't dismember your Lotus Cobra two turns ago.

Overview: This deck will rely on three cards to win the game: Primeval Titan, Avenger of Zendikar, and Terastodon. Summoning Trap and Green Sun's Zenith will pull these out of your deck and make you more consistent- Valakut consistent. To ramp there, you have a Lotus Cobra package, a few mana dorks, and Garruk Wildspeaker.

The List:

Creatures (20):

Other (18):
This deck CAN have explosive draws, but usually won't. You'll probably get out a Primeval Titan on T4 into an Avenger on T5, you'll eat a Day of Judgment and lose unless you can topdeck like a champ. But this isn't supposed to be the 'fastest deck'. For that, you need to look at Tempered Steel or Goblins. Silly Nick T.

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