About Yo Mama: the Gathering

The name's Jim Bowie, and I play Magic a few days a week at my local store, The Game Castle, in Londonderry, New Hampshire. I'm a long-time player for Standard, currently holding 3528 lifetime PW points.  I'll admit, it's not that much, but I like to think that it's an accomplishment when I spend most of my time fooling around with random jank.  I have a limited amount of experience in Limited, but enough to go about par, not much more.

I write articles on a handful of sites, but noticably is here at YMtG.  I talk a whole lot about building rogue decks for standard, and write up tournament reports of pretty much everything bigger than FNM level.  I also manage what's called the Horrible Deck Challenge, or HDC for short, in which people all across the globe send me strict requirements under which I have to attempt to build a competitive deck.

Aside from all that, I also post news and announcements about the community, spoils for upcoming products, and general strategy tips as well.  I make sure to try and get 2-3 articles in a week minimum, and never go below one.  It's a lot of work, and with not a lot of reward.  I don't get paid for stuff I post here, all my income is through ad support and that in itself isn't much.  If you've found my work helpful, informative, or at least a good read, I urge you consider dropping a little something into my PayPal account, the donate button's up in the sidebar.  I wouldn't be doing this if it weren't for the people that are willing to give support.

To contact me, please email dndfreak@gmail.com.  Alternately, send a message to the site's facebook page or Twitter feed.  I'm always interested not only in reader feedback, but if you're looking for some content for a magic-related site and need an author, let's chat it up and I'm sure we can work something out.