Sunday, October 2, 2011

Card of the Day - October 2nd

Card of the day or flavor of the week?

Vastwood Animist is an ally, so like all allies, nobody wants to talk about him. The Zendikar tribe is like the Voldemort of magic, speaking the name is like saying it has relevance, but no more. Because the Animist is today's card of the day.
He just had a brainstorm. Or he just found out that Dumbledore was gay. One of the two.

As much as I love me some Vastwood, this one is pretty lackluster. He doesn't have a large body himself, he doesn't have an etb trigger, and the dude he makes isn't even an Ally. This is one of the few allies that doesn't just autowin off a resolved Rite of Replication with kicker.

What he does have is ANOTHER fatty, because all to often allies don't have any at all. All your biggest guys come from white, like Hada Freeblade, Talus Paladin or Kazandu Blademaster, and they take time to build up. The animist needs a board that's already developed in order to shine, but to win he doesn't need to come down as soon as possible on the curve like his white brethren. For that reason alone, he's much more useful than first glance.

So love allies or hate them, just like the transform cards, they exist, so deal with it. That's what the rest of the world has done with Charlie Sheen's drug issue, and we're much better off for it.

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