Monday, October 3, 2011

Card of the Day - October 3rd 2011

Bounce chicka wow wow.
The first thing that came to my mind is effects that play cards off the top of the deck. You can recycle landfall triggers with Oracle of Mul Daya, shut off an opposing Vampire Nocturnus, or stop a counterspell coming off a Magus of the Future.

Fallow earth can also reset opposing manlands, for some taking them up to two turns to reactivate. Earth also does a good job of resetting Dark Depths when Vampire Hexmage isn't there to boost it.

Lastly, Earth excels at disrupting blue's host of Brainstorms, Preordains, Jaces, etc. Often, the blue mage plans according to what their next draw is, since more often than not they know it. Fallow Earth can put one more turn between them and the answer they need, which all too often is one turn too late.

It's worth noting that the sheer power of denying a player their draw for turn in green is a potent effect indeed. This card can be relevant in more ways then the above few situations. Try it out in your next game of EDH. You may be surprised.

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