Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spoiler Alert: Mirrodin Besieged Part 3

Another 21 cards, another article.  Let's see how many more draw engines there are today.

Okay, it's not THAT good.  In fact, in today's standard, it's not good at all.  I mean, it's four mana for a single card, and I think we all know who else costs four mana.  But it's just kinda funny that it's the first card I pull up from the new set of spoilers.

Ooh dayumm, this card is certainly interesting.  We've now got this, Mind Control, and Volition Reins, all in the same format at the same time.  Somebody could be a real douche and build a creature thief deck.  And by somebody, I mean me.

Okay Maro, what the hell?  I thought everything was cool between us, and then you go and pull a stunt like this?  Not very nice of you.

Err... yeah, I'm not even gonna comment on this one.  Let's all just hope that blue decks will start drawing themselves out.  So far, that actually looks viable.

Looks like Trinket Mage finally has a buddy.  Only where Trinket Mage is pulling Elixers and Effigies, this guy is pulling Wurmcoil Engines and Argentum Armors.  I think you can expect to see him hit play on a regular basis.

Sweet Jesus, black just got an even better wrath effect.  Say goodbye to Marsh Casualties, we're never gonna see that card again.

Okay, now we have a Doom Blade that exchanges hitting Wurmcoil Engine, a creature that's a bad target anyways, for hitting ANY BLACK CREATURE.  So that means that Grave Titan is gonna go down a peg, as well as Vampires in general.  We'll have to see how big Tezzerator decks become before deciding to switch out your doom blades, but expect to see most decks running two of each for at least a little while.

I think it's safe to say that mono-black is officially viable again.  Cast this on turn four and resolve a Mind Sludge right after that, and not only does your opponent discard five cards, but you gain fifteen life.  Fifteen!  Thanks to this guy and the new Doom Blade, I really don't think Tendrils is even needed anymore.  I mean, it'd still be nice to have, but it isn't needed at all.

Not too bad.  I think most decks would rather run Shatter, but in a format full of spell pierces and mana leaks, maybe this card is a better way to get the job done.  We'll just have to see how common artifact creatures become- at least, ones that make a good target for Shatter.

Okay, so now even mono-Green Stomp is getting hand advantage.  What's next, red gets a goblin that sacrifices creatures to Ponder?

TRANSLATION: When he hits the graveyard from the battlefield, Rampart Growth.

Seems pretty good.  I think it's safe to say that elf decks are gonna be on the rise in the coming months.  Especially now that they can recover from a wrath effect with Lead the Stampede.

This guy really makes me think that Proliferate control will be really viable in the future.  I'm thinking U/W/B, using JtMS, Liliana for combo with Jace, Sorin to stabilize against aggro decks, Gideon Jura to keep your other planeswalkers safe, and maybe a one-of Elspeth Tirel just because.  Then you run Contagion Clasp and Contagion Engine, Everflowing Chalice, and Vampire Hexmage, filling out the rest of your slots with counters, removal, and maybe Core Prowlers and a Corpse Cur or two.  You can win off of Liliana, Jace, infect, or Gideon and Elspeth's tokens alongside the manlands.  I might proxy this up even before the prerelease and play around with it, let you all know how it goes.

Funny, it looks a lot like a land to me. Regardless, this seems to be a good card in conjunction with the new Tezzeret.  After all, turning this card into a 5/5 creature makes a great threat, and a great wrath deterrent as well.

All I can say is, thank God this isn't Mythic.  It's still going to be valuable, but it's nowhere near as valuable as it could be.  But yeah, I'm pretty sure that this card is the final nail in the coffin that proves infect is going to get a dominating spot in the coming months.  I have a feeling that if there is an anti-proliferate, we won't be seeing it for another few months.

So it seems to me that this set is extremely powerful so far.  At least, in blue and black.  But I'm sure the other colors have some hidden goodies that we haven't gotten into just yet.

Until next time, something something your mother.

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