Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Announcement- Action

Today, Wizards of the Coast announced that the wait is over, and 'Action''s identity has been decided.  The plane of Mirrodin has been compleated, and New Phyrexia is born.

Along with the announcement comes two things, first is the spoiling of a new card, a 4/7 vigilance legend for WW5 by the name of Elesh Norn that gives all your creatures +2/+2 and all your opponent's creatures -2/-2.  Effectively, this guy is the ultimate endgame finish for a control deck- no aggro deck will be able to stick any effective threats on the board.  This guy immediately makes me want to start thinking about my G/W tokens deck I was building for a while, and even moreso makes me question the future of decks like Boros.  This guy can easily drop down in play by turns 4-5, and with a hardcasted trap as early as T3.  It depends upon if aggro decks will gain enough power to get consistent T3 wins besides Kutholda, but it just seems like a ramp deck with Elesh Norn, Day of Judgment, Phyrexian Rebirth, Wall of Omens/Overgrown Battlement, and Awakening Zone will be able to dominate any aggressive format.  Even if Elesh dies to a Journey or Go for the Throat, it's still a Wrath of God attached to a discard a kill spell spell.  This guy is an absolute house.

The second part of the announcement is a special promotional video that shows off some pretty sweet artwork, some similar to previous cards from the plane of Mirrodin.  At the end, the announcer also proclaims the return of Karn as a card in the set.

I look forward to seeing what else comes from Action.  Become a fan of Yo Mama on FaceBook or follow me on Twitter to get the latest updates as announcements are made and more cards are spoiled.  The time for New Phyrexia has come.

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