Friday, March 4, 2011

mtgUK Design a Deck 2011

Over at, another site where my articles are featured, there's a deck design contest going on with the goal of one standard deck costing under 60 pounds (about $100) being sold on their website under the creator's name, the designer receiving a copy of their deck, a shirt, a Deckbuilder's Toolkit, and about $25 in store credit.

My entry into this contest is called Muk Factory- essentially a draw-go deck with Chimeric Mass.  How do you build a blue deck in standard for the cost of a Jace?  Well, check out the entry to find out.  The deck serves as a good starting point for older players looking to get back into the game who are reminiscent of the draw-go decks of the past, or for newer players who want to learn a little more about the style of decks that appeared in the earlier days of the game.

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