Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Announcement- Clash of the Titans

WotC is giving out a new set of promos for Duels 2012, as announced here.  There's three different cards available, one for each platform the game is made for, and each one is a titan.  Which means that the titan cycle is without a doubt returning to M12.
A lot of people wanted to see the titans go.  Their ability to always gain value, even before a swing, dominate in most any deck that can be built to drop them.  Personally, though, I like having the titans in the set.  It gives more value in countermagic, something that's been desperately lacking from standard in recent years.  Not to mention the potential relevance that Grave Titan will have when Innistrad hits.

Plus, the altered art is pretty sick, just check out the new Frost Titan:

Check out the rest of the artwork on the wizards article itself found here.  As always, fan or follow yo mama to keep up on all the latest announcements.

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