Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thinking about: Triskelion.

Triskelion is definitely an overlooked creature, and for obvious reasons.  Well, one reason: mana cost.  Six for a 4/4 in this format is just pathetic, and so is six mana for a bolt and a 1/1 creature.  Right now, it's all about the seven titans, each a 6/6 for 6.  However, I definitely see a future for this guy.  And it came from U/W block.

A popular deck in scars block is a U/W control build that uses Venser, the Sojourner and Glimmerpoint stag to recycle the ETB effects of Contagion Clasp, Contagion Engine, Glimmerpost, Tumble Magnet, and Myr Battlesphere.  Right now, as I said in my last column, the focus is all about black supporting blue, not white, but I still think that this deck has potential for Type II.  Adding the extra sets gives the deck access to Frost Titan, Wall of Omens, Spreading Seas, Into the Roil, Lone Missionary, and some other, less-focused cards.  Now, the deck could be played one of two ways: Aggro with Frost Titan keeping blockers locked down and clasps finishing them off, or as a draw-go deck that uses Trisk to deal damage every turn without ever having to attack, meaning that cards like Frost Titan or Condemn are a non-issue.  Granted, the first deck might be stronger, but Trisk offers some interesting potential for a control deck the likes of which haven't been seen in a long time.

The big issue here is playing around Memoricide, and being sure to counter everything that tries to kill Trisk.  Make no mistake, this deck would be the most difficult Type II deck to play.  However, I think there is a way to do it.  The trick is to make sure that nothing can stop you from resolving trisk and Venser.  An early Jace or maybe running Frost Titan will distract them from what kind of deck you're actually running, and you should be able to catch them off-guard once their hand of answers is depleted.  I'm not going to give a definitive list here, as I honestly don't have one.  I want to see what the next set brings before I really put this together.

I also want to mention that Mimic Vat is a possibility for a Trisk deck, meaning that the package (teehee, I said package) can be run in any color build.  Use trisk as a shock, then have him burn himself and put him under the Vat.  From then on, you get a Bolt and a 1/1 haste coming in every turn.  The issue with this build is that if your opponent drops a frosty and keeps the Vat tapped, you're screwed more than yo mama was last night.  Which is a lot, if you didn't understand that.

...They're both artifacts.  Does that make it a brown package?

Man, I hope Google AdSense will pick up on how many times I just used the word package.  Package package package package package.

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