Friday, December 31, 2010

The Post-Christmas-Post

I know, it's been a bit since I've updated the website at all, but the holidays always tend to make me lose track of my priorities, with all the new goodies to play with.  As I type this, looking at my brand-new 23 inch widescreen monitor, munching on leftover candy from my stocking and running the new Golden Sun game on my DS in the background, I can say for sure that I'm fine with the lack of product this Christmas.  But for many Magic players out there, there's a whole lot of unwrapping going on after all the presents are over.  And with that, the local meta will see some shifts.

Suddenly, the casual players will start dropping Koths and Frost Titans and Baneslayers and you'll be completely caught off guard.  And even more serious players will change up the deck they've been playing for MONTHS.  January can be a very scary time for Magic veterans, so with that, I wish you luck in braving the slew of new cards, and I hope that your wealth of product will carry you far as well.  I know my vast amounts of your mom have carried me far.

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